Tampa, Florida

700 Square Feet
Epoxy terrazzo, 2006

Autoweave is the epoxy terrazzo floor for one of the two elevator lobbies of the Economy Parking Garage at the Tampa International Airport. The goal of the floor design is to help connect, but also to add delight to the people who will be constantly coming and going through a small, but highly complex public space. The design depicts tire tread marks of three different cars as each car differently engages the lobby space. One car drives in from the shuttle waiting zone and recklessly backs into an elevator. Another emerges from the elevator and drives out the side door. A third enters the space and attempts a parallel park. The design is an eccentric pattern which asserts an unknowable narrative: Why are the cars in the lobby? What are they doing? Where are they going, and what has become of them? The treads are sand-colored and made from crushed shells on a variegated black field color which sparkles from broken mirrors reminiscent of the shiny particles in the black macadam surface of a parking lot.