Clearwater, Florida

5' x 70' x 70' Concrete, pigment, stone, terrazzo, plant materials

Within a level green plane of sod is sited a "jury box" defined by an inscribed granite curb which cites the legal mandate for a trial by jury via quotations from both the U.S. and Florida State constitutions. Within the "box" are twelve level plinths (or seats) on which are mounted twelve earthcast, conical vessels. Metaphorically representing the jury, the twelve vessels are similar, but, at the same time, different from each other. We are all human, but we each have our own unique perspective. Like the jury, the vessels are empty, waiting to be filled by the discourse of the day. Across the rest of the lawn is a pattern of two different types of ornamental grasses (red and white fountain grass), echoing the arguments of defense and prosecution. In addition to greeting the visitors to the Criminal Justice Center in Clearwater, FL, Jury Garden presents itself to those within the building as they look out the windows during the activities of their day.