Raleigh, North Carolina

20' x 200' x 120'
Concrete, Water, Stainless Steel, Lights, Earth. 2001

The Healing Place Courtyard is framed on three sides by a single-story facility which administers to homeless alcoholics and drug addicts. Beginning with a flat, ungraded site, the courtyard evolved as a direct response to the therapeutic and spiritual goals of the facility. The driving metaphor of the composition is the tension between a large, earthcast door which constitutes a barrier to pedestrians and the more hopeful, open doorway of opportunity to the east. Connecting the two vertical pieces is a circuitous path which is bordered by a low wall containing the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This intersects with a large community gathering place and a still pool of recirculating water which reflects the image of the sky. While primarily a place to gather, to eat, to greet, and be in the outdoors, the courtyard expresses in an open-ended way the underlying philosophy of healing around which the entire facility is organized.