Raleigh, North Carolina

Concrete, Terrazzo, Brass, Plant Materials
5' x 120' x 30'

The site for this project is on the grounds of a large public high school within an area where students have traditionally eaten lunch outdoors. The initial impetus for the sculpture was as a commemoration of the life of a particular student who was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Based on the image of a comet, the sculpture symbolizes the ephemeral nature of all our lives. We streak across the sky, and then go out - some with brighter and longer tails than others. The sculpture consists of a 100' curving sitting wall and terminates at the head of the comet which is composed of large precast "rocks" containing castings of over 70 of the actual hands of students. A quotation from the fallen student is included via brass letters embedded in terrazzo. The project is lit at night.