Anschutz Medical Campus - University of Colorado
Aurora, Colorado

Concrete, Terrazzo, Brass, Plant Materials, 2009

This project begins and ends with two 14-foot-diameter spheres serving as bookends; one with textured earthcast concrete and the other precise, shiny stainless steel. Between the bookends is a series of outdoor rooms which act as way stations between two quads on this large medical campus. The outdoor rooms are located at important pedestrian intersections, but also in places which celebrate and give way to the important architectural landmarks. Each "room" contains seating, lighting, electricity for laptops and other communication devices, and each creates a defined stopping place. Made from highly refined cast concrete with ground and polished terrazzo surfaces, each site offers different possibilities for seating and, hence, for different kinds of human interaction. Some seats are more contemplative; some are better for groups. Some seats are playful, and others more serious and calm.

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