Tucson, AZ

Earthcast, concrete, steel, 2010

Commissioned by Pima County, Arizona

The public art along the Tanque Verde Road improvement project seeks to celebrate the very reason there is a community along the road: the water, which has historically been found in the area, and was used for livestock. "Tanque Verde Wash" is a casting of the actual topography of the Castle Wash prior to its reconstruction, as part of the road widening.

Using the earthcast techniques which Clearscapes has developed over the last ten years, each of the five castings captures the texture and form of the bank, carved by water, as well as the alluvial deposits at the bottom of the wash.The earthcast impressions of the "V"-shaped wash were lifted via

crane and placed vertically to form a large, tapered "vessel" form twenty feet vertical in height.

Once vertical, the wash castings become a series of "staves" which create a vessel form and give a very different perspective of the terrain carved by the flow of water. The edges of the "staves" - extremely thin compared to their 20-foot height - give evidence of the fragility of the wash itself which, after all, changes every time it rains.